Pricing service maintenance contracts using predictive analytics

  title={Pricing service maintenance contracts using predictive analytics},
  author={Laurens Deprez and Katrien Antonio and Robert N. Boute},
  journal={Eur. J. Oper. Res.},
Prescriptive maintenance with causal machine learning
Empirical results show that the novel, causal approach accurately predicts the maintenance effect and results in individualized maintenance schedules that are more accurate and cost-effective than supervised or non-individualized approaches.
The Effects of Dynamic Learning and the Forgetting Process on an Optimizing Modelling for Full-Service Repair Pricing Contracts for Medical Devices
In order to improve the profitability and customer service management of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in a market where full-service (FS) and on-call service (OS) co-exist, this article


Parallel organization of functionally segregated circuits linking basal ganglia and cortex.
The basal ganglia serve primarily to integrate diverse inputs from the entire cerebral cortex and to "funnel" these influences, via the ventrolateral thalamus, to the motor cortex.
Hyperspectral imaging: the colorimetric high ground
The goal of this paper is to demonstrate, via discussion of technical issues and disclosure of a practical image capture device, that the CIE31 method and related improvements, collectively described as hyperspectral imaging, can be integrated into the general process of color reproduction.
Platelets induce differentiation of human CD34+ progenitor cells into foam cells and endothelial cells
  • K. DaubH. Langer M. Gawaz
  • Biology
    FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
  • 2006
A potentially important mechanism of platelet‐induced foam cell formation and generation of endothelium in atherogenesis and atheroprogression is described.
Quality of written prescriptions and master impressions for fixed and removable prosthodontics: a comparative study
The written instructions and master impressions examined in this study failed to meet the relevant ethical and legal guidelines in approximately 50% of cases.
Data generation for the Cox proportional hazards model with time‐dependent covariates: a method for medical researchers
This paper develops a method for the generation of survival times that follow a Cox proportional hazards model with time-dependent covariates, and an additional argument is suggested that allows researchers to generate time-to-event data in which covariates change at integer-valued steps of the time scale.
Hierarchical Insurance Claims Modeling
This work describes statistical modeling of detailed, microlevel automobile insurance records. We consider 1993–2001 data from a major insurance company in Singapore. By detailed microlevel records,
Behavioural competencies of Sustainability Leaders: An empirical investigation
Purpose: Our world faces greater environmental, social and governance challenges than ever before and a growing number of organisations are establishing sustainability functions, strategies and plans
The importance of varying the event generation process in simulation studies of statistical methods for recurrent events
It is important that simulation studies of statistical methods for recurrent events include simulated data sets based upon a range of models for event generation, because studies based upon one process may mislead.
Simulating competing risks data in survival analysis
The simulation illustrates that results from a misspecified proportional subdistribution hazard analysis can be interpreted as a time‐averaged effect on the cumulative event probability scale, which is a research question of independent interest in competing risks.
The rise of graphene.
Owing to its unusual electronic spectrum, graphene has led to the emergence of a new paradigm of 'relativistic' condensed-matter physics, where quantum relativistic phenomena can now be mimicked and tested in table-top experiments.