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Price transmission system in Ethiopian coffee market

  title={Price transmission system in Ethiopian coffee market},
  author={Mengistu Seyoum},
Price is the most vital element in market interaction. If there is an international free trade and the domestic market of one country is interconnected with the international market, and if there is a price shocks in one market, the impact will have the same in the other market. This is the major concept of price theory and the concept of price transmission explored here. This paper analyses the price transmission system on the level of the producer, the auction market and the foreign… 

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Market integration and price transmission under institutionalised Ethiopian coffee market: Evidence from nonlinear ARDL model

  • Economics
  • 2017
In this paper, market integration and price transmission along the Ethiopian coffee value chain after the introduction of the ECX is investigated. The empirical analysis applies a nonlinear ARDL

Forecasting Analysis of Coffee Export by multivariate Timeseries Models of Vector Autoregressive and Cointegration: A case study of Ethiopia

www.ijceronline.com Open Access Journal Page 1 Forecasting Analysis of Coffee Export by multivariate Timeseries Models of Vector Autoregressive and Cointegration: A case study of Ethiopia 1



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