Price Indexes for Selected Semiconductors, 1974--96, February 1998 SCB

  • Bruce T. Grimm
  • Published 1998


I   comprehensive revision of the national income and product accounts (’s) that was released in January ,  introduced the use of quality-adjusted price indexes for the calculation of real exports and imports of semiconductors. The improved measurement of real output and prices of high-tech goods through expanded use of quality-adjusted price indexes is part of ’s strategic plan to improve the quality of its economic accounts (see the box “Measurement of Real Output and Prices for High-Tech Goods”). The quality-adjusted price indexes for semiconductors, which are based on indexes for several types of memory chips and of microprocessors, were incorporated into the estimates of exports and imports beginning with . This article describes the development of quality-adjusted price indexes for seven types of metal oxide semiconductor () digital memory integrated circuits (“memory chips”) and for two different lines of  digital microprocessor integrated circuits (“microprocessors”). It also describes the aggregation of the seven memory chip indexes into one summary index and the aggregation of the two microprocessor indexes into one summary index. Memory chips, microprocessors, and other related integrated circuits are probably best known for their use in personal computers, but they can be found in a vast array of products, such as digital cable  boxes, automobiles, and microwave ovens. In , domestic shipments of memory chips were . billion, and domestic shipments of microprocessors were . billion. Most domestically produced memory chips and microprocessors are counted as intermediate consumption that is incorporated in the production

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