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ALBANY, Oct. 8—The 41st a n nual meeting of the Civil Service Employees Association concluded its three-day session on a note of hope for continued gains in public employment and for improvement of the merit system. From all parts of the State, 372 delegates assembled in Albany for deliberations upon many phases of civil service and working conditions—from salary revision to revision of the civil service law. Sessions in 3 Places The major sessions were held In the DeWitt Clinton Hotel, Albany, with committee, conference, and chapter activities spilling over into the Wellington Hotel nearby and in Association headquarters at 8 Elk Street. Most of the sessions were conducted by Jesse B. McParland, president. Edward L. Ryan presided over the meeting at which resolutions were voted. The meetings began on the evening of Tuesday, October 2, and continued through Wednesday, October 3 and Thursday, October 4. Lochner Honored The surprise event was a Twenty-Year Testimonial to Joseph D. Lochner, executive secret a ry of the Association, held on the evening of October 4, in the Crystal Ballroom of the DeWitt Clinton. With John A. Cromie as toastmaster , a roster of distinguished guests joined in honoring Mr. Lochner's long service to th« Association. Depar tment Meetings In addition to business meetings, many employee groups held conferences on mat ters peculiar to their departments : among them being problems about Mental Hygiene, Correction, Health, Social Welfare, Public Works, Education, Conservation, Armories, and DPUI. IJounty Division delegates also met. Three special panel discussions were held on salaries, ret irement, and improvement of the Merit system. Catherwood Speaks Martin P. Catherwood, Dean of the New York State School of I n dustrial and Labor Relations, was the principal speaker, taking as his subject "Human Relations in Civil Service." The delegates debated and acted upon nearly 100 resolutions, incorporating in these their objectives for the coming year. And new officers for the 1951-52 Association year were installed by Clifford C. Shoro, past president of the Association. Committee Reports Francis C. (Pete) Maher of the Law Depar tment reported for the budget committee. The Association is well ahead of last year financially. largely because of increased membership, be stated. Dr. Theodore Wenzl of the Education Department , reporting for the grievance committe, said t h a t the S ta te Personnel Relations

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