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Previews and Premises

  title={Previews and Premises},
  author={Alvin Toffler},
The article discusses the benefits of implementing remote banking services, formulated the diverse requirements for remote banking software, in particular, requirements in terms of integration
Development of the Knowledge Economy and Regional Innovation Policy in the Context of Sustainable Development: Russian Practice
The paper explores different models of innovation management at the regional level and 13 reasons for the best model considering the specific features of St. Petersburg as the innovative 14 region of
TwilightSaga.com (2009–12): Fandom and the Lifespan of a Corporate Fan Site
Building on the forms of digital participation enabled on RandomBuzzers website, such as peer-to-peer reviewing, peer-to-peer marketing, and consumer research, Chap. 4 presents a case study of
The new international division of cultural labor revisited
La economia politica radical dio lugar al concepto de la Nueva Division Internacional del Trabajo Cultural (NICL). Este parte de comprender las situaciones de desigualdad que se producen a diario
The New International Division of Cultural Labor La nueva división internacional del trabajo Cultural
Radical political economy birthed the notion of the New International Division of Cultural Labor (NICL). It starts from the understanding that inequality colors everyday work and domestic life,
It is emergent: five propositions on the relationship between creative consumers and technology
Drawing on four research papers and case studies, this paper explores the interaction between creative consumers and technology. While prior research has taken either a technology ‘push’ stance