[Preventive nutritional services for the elderly].


Population aging is a global. These demographic transitions have brought about dramatic changes in the world's health needs and status. Chronic diseases of aging account for nearly half of population morbidity and mortality in the developing regions of the world 85% of deaths and disability in developed regions. Chronic diseases in the elderly is, in over 60%, associated with malnutrition. Malnutrition is one of the few preventable risk factors for chronic diseases. Carefully planned population-based nutrition interventions can lower risk malnutrition and thus for chronic diseases and as well as for their adverse outcomes. Nutrition interventions can also be used to reach particularly vulnerable segments of the population, such as extremely frail elders, to reduce the prevalence of nutrient deficiencies. Clearly, the prevention of nutrition-related problems in the population, including older persons, has important global health implications.

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