[Prevention of postoperative pulmonary complications by preoperative training].


Postoperative pulmonary complications are the main cause of morbidity and mortality after surgery. A likely explanation is dysfunction of the respiratory muscles, in particular the diaphragm, which results in rapid, shallow breathing and ultimately-in closing of the airways, atelectasis and hypoxaemia. Breathing exercises in the perioperative period, despite a good rationale, were in general not found to be effective. A promising new approach is specific training of inspiratory muscles. A randomized clinical trial, published in this issue of the journal, found this to be effective in patients at increased risk for postoperative complications who underwent cardiac surgery.

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@article{Hul2007PreventionOP, title={[Prevention of postoperative pulmonary complications by preoperative training].}, author={Alex J van 't Hul and Pieter E. Postmus}, journal={Nederlands tijdschrift voor geneeskunde}, year={2007}, volume={151 45}, pages={2491-3} }