Prevention of nephrotoxicity of ochratoxin A, a food contaminant.

  title={Prevention of nephrotoxicity of ochratoxin A, a food contaminant.},
  author={Edmond Eku{\'e} Creppy and Isabelle Baudrimont and A. M. Betbeder},
  journal={Toxicology letters},
Ochratoxin A (OTA) is a mycotoxin produced by ubiquitous Aspergilli, mainly by Aspergillus ochraceus and also by Penicilium verrucosum. It was found all over the world in feed and human food and blood as well as in animal blood and tissues. The most threatening effects of OTA are its nephrotoxicity and carcinogenicity, since this mycotoxin is nephrotoxic to all animal species studied so far and is increasingly involved in the Balkan endemic nephropathy (BEN), a human chronic interstitial… CONTINUE READING


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