Prevention of murine influenza A virus pneumonitis by surfactant nano-emulsions.

  title={Prevention of murine influenza A virus pneumonitis by surfactant nano-emulsions.},
  author={Becca Donovan and Jon D. Reuter and Zhensheng Cao and Andrzej Myc and Kent J. Johnson and James R Baker},
  journal={Antiviral chemistry & chemotherapy},
  volume={11 1},
Non-ionic surfactant nano-emulsions have extensive anti-microbial activity and are biocompatible with skin and mucous membranes at effective concentrations. Two nano-emulsion formulations (8N8 and 20N10) made from soybean oil, tributyl phosphate and Triton X-100, were tested for their ability to prevent murine influenza virus pneumonia in vivo. In the initial study, CD-1 mice were administered various dilutions of the nano-emulsions intranasally, and safe dosages and concentrations were… CONTINUE READING
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