Prevention of life-style related diseases in Sri Lanka.


In addition to sponsoring yearly international cancer research conferences in Sapporo, Japan, the Sapporo Cancer Seminar Foundation has long been involved in projects in Sri Lanka to improve the health of its people. Together with staff of the Japanese International Cooperation Agency office in Colombo, Dr Hiroshi Kobayashi of the Foundation has been sponsoring a number of activities focusing on schools in the south of the country. In August of this year, to commemorate 10 years of activity, a Symposium was organized and sponsored by the Sapporo Cancer Seminar Foundation, in collaboration with JICA Sri Lanka and Sapporo, to bring together a number of scientists working in Japan with counterparts in Sri Lanka in the Colombo Hilton Hotel to discuss various aspects of life-style related diseases in Asia and how they may be prevented. Other sponsors were the National Cancer Control Program, Colombo, the Rotary Club of Colombo, and the Foundation for Health Promotion, Colombo. MEETING REPORT

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