Prevention of diabetes in NOD mice by a mutated I-Ab transgene.

  title={Prevention of diabetes in NOD mice by a mutated I-Ab transgene.},
  author={Steven M Singer and Roland M. Tisch and Xiang D. Yang and Huey-Kang Sytwu and Roland S Liblau and Hugh O Mcdevitt},
  volume={47 10},
Susceptibility to the human autoimmune disease IDDM is strongly associated with those haplotypes of the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) carrying DQB1 alleles that do not encode aspartic acid at codon 57. Similarly, in a spontaneous animal model of this disease, the NOD mouse, the genes of the MHC play an important role in the development of diabetes. The DQB1 homolog in NOD mice, I-Ab(g7), encodes a histidine at codon 56 and a serine at codon 57, while all other known I-Ab alleles encode… CONTINUE READING
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