Prevention of chloride-induced corrosion damage to bridges

  title={Prevention of chloride-induced corrosion damage to bridges},
  author={Stephen D. Cramer and Bernard S. Covino and Sophie Sophie J. Bullard and Gordon Randolph Holcomb and James H. B. Russell and Margaret Ziomek‐Moroz and Yash Paul Virmani and Jon T. Butler and Fiona J. Nelson and Neil Graham Thompson},
The annual direct cost of bridge infrastructure corrosion to the U.S. economy is estimated at $8.3 billion, with indirect costs approximately 10 times higher. Of the approximately 600000 bridges in the U.S., between 15% and 20% are listed as “structurally deficient”, frequently due to corrosion damage. Five technologies are presented for reducing the cost of chloride-induced corrosion damage: (1) conductive coating anodes for cathodic protection of existing reinforce concrete bridges, (2) epoxy… CONTINUE READING