[Prevention of atherosclerosis in diabetics].

  • James Valek
  • Published 1997 in Casopís lékar̆ů c̆eských


The high prevalence of atherosclerotic (macrovascular) complications in diabetes (1.5-6x higher than in non-diabetics) stimulated evaluation of new pathogenetic findings which could have an impact on prevention. In type 1 diabetics the development of nephropathy is a factor hastening the development of macroangiopathy. In type 2 diabetics on whom attention is concentrated at the moment interaction of various metabolic deviations is involved which include changes of lipoproteins (drop of HDL, changes in the size and composition of LDL), insulin resistance and glycosylation of proteins. There is an enhanced tendency to lipoprotein oxidation (LDL) which promote the development of cholesterol rich plaques in the arterial walls. Their rupture may cause occlusion and ensuing risks for life. Possibilities of prevention are not adequately made use of. This is due to a tendency to underrate the serious character of type 2 diabetes and also the high percentage of diabetics where the disease was diagnosed late. The metabolic syndrome which develops as a result of insulin resistance precedes for years manifestations of diabetes. Its detection makes it possible to screen subjects at risk, some of whom develop diabetes. At the same time it is also a pathogenetic factor of macrovascular complications. It leads to the cumulation of a number of risk conditions. More effective prevention can be implemented by intervention of all associated risk factors (smoking, hypertension), in the application of lifestyle provisions of energy reduction by promoting physical activity and by a rational diet (diabetes, obesity, hyperlipidaemia). The justification of pharmacotherapy for the high risk groups of diabetics with hyperlipidaemia is supported by results of recently published investigations where statins were used. For the sub-population of subjects at risk the perspective should be screening of risk factors, early diagnosis of diabetes, education, continuous primary care, comprehensive prevention using lifestyle provisions as well as advances in modern pharmacotherapy.

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