Prevention and Control of COVID-19

  title={Prevention and Control of COVID-19},
  author={Wen-Hong Zhang},
Legal Policy Analysis Of Handling Covid-19 In The Perspective Of Human Rights Protection
The Indonesian government has issued several regulations for the handling of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19), which aims to handle the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia can run well and be adhered
Low uptake of COVID-19 vaccines in Kenya: is it due to vaccine hesitancy, vaccine inaccessibility or both?
The efficiency of vaccine campaigns to control coronavirus 2019 disease (COVID-19) is not only reliant on vaccine efficacy and safety but rather the rate of vaccine acceptance among the general
The impact of organisational characteristics of staff and facility on infectious disease outbreaks in care homes: a systematic review
It is suggested that larger facilities have greater risks of infectious disease outbreaks, yet the risk of a larger outbreak seems lower in larger facilities, and staff residing in highly infected areas may be associated with greater risk of outbreak.
A Continuous Model of Three Scenarios of the Infection Process with Delayed Immune Response Factors
An analysis of the model behavior is consistent with the theory that the initial number of virions can affect the quality of the immune response, and transitions between phases of infectious disease depend on the initial virus dose and the delayed immune response to infection.
Epidemiology of COVID-19: Special Emphasis on Nanoscience and Its Implications
This chapter analysed the epidemiological characteristics, i.e. occurrence, distribution and transmission of disease in different countries, laboratory diagnosis, prevention, control and treatment of COVID-19, and provided the latest insights over nanotechnology and its implications in the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and control of CO VID-19.
Lessons learned from the resilience of Chinese hospitals to the COVID-19 pandemic: a scoping review.
It is found that much research was rapidly produced in the first half of 2020, describing certain strategies used to improve hospital resilience, particularly in three key areas: human resources; management and communication; and security, hygiene and planning.
Nosocomial infection of COVID-19: A new challenge for healthcare professionals (Review)
The present review will discuss some of the key strategies to prevent and control hospital-based nosocomial COVID-19 infections.
Willingness and Uptake of the COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination in Urban China: An Online Cross-Sectional Survey at Early 2021
This research presents a meta-analyses of the immune system’s response to infectious disease in China over a 25-year period, which highlights the need to understand more fully the immune responses of women to infectious diseases.
Analysis, Application and Research of the Index of Urban Resumption of Work and Production Based on Energy Big Data
The energy big data center collects and fuses the data of electricity, water, gas and heat by using the index system analysis model of urban work and production resumption of work andProduction, analyzing and comparing the overall situation in Hefei with different regions and different industries in previous years, so as to effectively supports the scientific formulation of government policies.