Preventing intergenerational trauma transmission: A critical interpretive synthesis.

  title={Preventing intergenerational trauma transmission: A critical interpretive synthesis.},
  author={Sophie Isobel and Melinda Jane Goodyear and Trentham Furness and Kim N Foster},
  journal={Journal of clinical nursing},
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AIM AND OBJECTIVE To synthesise and critically interpret literature of relevance to intervening in intergenerational transmission of relational trauma within parent-infant relationships. BACKGROUND Intergenerational trauma is a discrete process and form of psychological trauma transmitted within families and communities. Intergenerational trauma can be transmitted through attachment relationships where the parent has experienced relational trauma and have significant impacts upon individuals… 
Psychosocial family-level mediators in the intergenerational transmission of trauma: Protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis
This study aims to systematically consolidate the epidemiological research on family-level psychosocial mediators and moderators to ultimately produce causal diagram(s) in the intergenerational transmission of trauma.
Mothering, Substance Use Disorders and Intergenerational Trauma Transmission: An Attachment-Based Perspective
Disruptive attachment can increase the vulnerability for SUDs on the one hand, but can be an expression of underlying trauma on the other, hence serving as a covert mechanism by which trauma can be transmitted across generations.
Working Relationally with Adolescents Who Have Experienced Complex Interpersonal Trauma: an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis
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Intergenerational Trauma
The following literature review will explore cumulative research on intergenerational trauma. Although, many communities have encountered massive traumas the research has mainly focused on Canadians
Commentary: Actioning Community Attachment Parenting Program Review Recommendations
Attachment and mental health have long intersected within research and policy [1]. Expressly, attachment relationships developed in the formative years are one of the most influential contributions
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Intergenerational transmission explains the continuity in behavior and personality of individuals across generations due to genetic as well as non-genetic causes. Both determinants affect individuals
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