Preventing healthcare-associated infections: beyond best practice.


The goal of this review is to evaluate best practices for preventing healthcare-associated infections (HAI) and to identify opportunities beyond best practice. Achieving an infection-free hospital stay for patients will require integration of infection prevention into routine bedside clinical care. The objectives are (1) to summarize the best practices for prevention of HAI; (2) to discuss the limitations of known best practices; and (3) to discuss potential approaches beyond best practice to prevent HAI. Rationale for comprehensive horizontal approaches with active caregiver participation is discussed.

DOI: 10.1097/MAJ.0b013e31824435e6

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@article{Sreeramoju2013PreventingHI, title={Preventing healthcare-associated infections: beyond best practice.}, author={Pranavi V Sreeramoju}, journal={The American journal of the medical sciences}, year={2013}, volume={345 3}, pages={239-44} }