Preventing Data Leakage in Distributive Strategies by Steganography Technique

  • Narendra Babu.Pamula
  • Published 2013


Today network has grown abundantly due to rapid growth in advancement in technology we are enjoying the services what it is provided. But at the same time we are losing secrecy of data. Sometimes sensitive data must be handed over to supposedly trust third parties. With the extensive application of database systems, the owners of the databases have urgent requirements to protect their copyright of databases. Some of the data is leaked and found in an unauthorized place the distributor must assess the likelihood that the leaked data came from one or more agents, as opposed to having been independently gathered by other means. Although watermarking techniques have been successfully utilized for copyright protection of multimedia data, yet the research of database water-marking technique is still facing a lot of challenges due to the differences between the relational database and multimedia data. In previous paper focus on a model for calculating “guilt” probabilities in cases of data Leakage & also present algorithms for distributing objects to agents, The option of adding “fake” objects to the distributed set in a way that improves our chances of identifying a leaker. In this paper we focus on identifying by using Steganography techniques. By using Steganography techniques, observers cannot tell the difference between encoded images and their originals .we place Steganography constraints and in order to view the data by agents must has to satisfy the Steganography constraints. Distributor handles the Steganography constraints in between both user &agents.

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