Preventing Chronic Disease: Progress and Achievement of 2017 Priorities


It was a remarkable year for Preventing Chronic Disease (PCD) as we embarked on a journey to advance the journal’s mission and vision and achieve priorities. I was appointed editor in chief of PCD in October 2016, and this column marks my one-year anniversary. My first column, in February, established that I would publish 3 columns this year to announce actions and appointments, discuss timely public health topics, and update readers on the journal’s priorities. I also identified 10 priorities for the journal in 2017: Adopting a multilayered approach to peer review • Securing additional associate editors • Promoting global public health perspectives • Ensuring scientific integrity • Publishing collections of articles • Accelerating the dissemination of critical research • Introducing a new article type to focus on implementation evaluation •

DOI: 10.5888/pcd14.170425

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