Prevalence of white matter hyperintensities in a young healthy population.

  title={Prevalence of white matter hyperintensities in a young healthy population.},
  author={Ramona Hopkins and Callie J. Beck and David L Burnett and Lindell K. Weaver and Jeff Victoroff and Erin D. Bigler},
  journal={Journal of neuroimaging : official journal of the American Society of Neuroimaging},
  volume={16 3},
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE White matter hyperintensities (WMHs) are bright objects observed in the white matter on brain magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. WMHs are often reported as "normal" findings but may represent pathological changes. The prevalence of WMHs appears to increase with increasing age although both the typical timing and clinical significance of their appearance among medically and neurologically healthy persons remains unclear. We assessed the prevalence of WMHs in a cohort of… CONTINUE READING
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