Prevalence of varicose veins in an Italian elderly population.

  title={Prevalence of varicose veins in an Italian elderly population.},
  author={Silvestro Canonico and Carlos Gallo and Guiseppe Paolisso and Francesco Pacifico and Giuseppe Signoriello and Guido Sciaudone and Nicola Ferrara and V Piegari and Michele Varricchio and Franco Rengo},
  volume={49 2},
The prevalence of varicose veins (VV) in the elderly population of the Campania Region, in Southern Italy, was estimated. A random sample of the people aged more than 65 years was drawn by means of a stratified multistage sampling design warranting that observed percentages were direct estimates of population percentages. The investigation covered 1319 subjects, 560 (42.5%) men and 759 (57.5%) women, their ages ranging from 66 to 96 years with an average value of 74.2 years, who were… CONTINUE READING
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