Prevalence of sexual dysfunction in cases of alcohol dependence syndrome

  title={Prevalence of sexual dysfunction in cases of alcohol dependence syndrome},
  author={Amitabh Saha},
  journal={International Journal of Advances in Medicine},
  • A. Saha
  • Published 2015
  • Medicine
  • International Journal of Advances in Medicine
Background: The prevalence of sexual dysfunction in those people who consume alcohol has been known to occur frequently. The etiology of this dysfunction needs to be considered. The most common condition reported in our study was decreased sexual drive followed closely by erectile dysfunction. Methods: A total of 50 alcohol dependent male inpatients were recruited for this study. Scales using AUDIT, HAM-D, HAM-A, BSF, IIEF, and IIP were used. Results: The prevalence of sexual dysfunction… 

Prevalence and correlates of sexual dysfunction in male patients with alcohol dependence syndrome: A cross-sectional study

The study highlights the detrimental effects of alcohol on sexual function and this information can be utilized in motivational interviewing of patients with alcohol dependence syndrome.


Sexual dysfunction was found to be signicantly associated with the duration of alcohol dependence, amount of alcohol consumed per day, and severity ofcohol dependence, and detrimental effects of alcohol on sexual function are highlighted.

Sexual Dysfunction and Satisfaction in Males With Alcohol Dependence: A Clinic-Based Study From Central India

It is concluded that sexual dysfunction is common and seen in nearly half of the patients with alcohol dependence affecting desire, erection, and satisfaction with orgasm, and this information can be utilized in motivational interviewing of patients withalcohol dependence by addressing both the problems simultaneously to improve sexual functioning and quality of life.

A cross-sectional study of prevalence and types of sexual dysfunction among married male patients with alcohol dependence syndrome attending tertiary healthcare center from Central Rural India

Chronic and severe alcohol dependence increases the chances of developing sexual dysfunctions, and these findings can be utilized in the motivation enhancement therapy of patients with ADS to quit alcohol consumption and to improve their quality of sexual life.

Alcohol Use on Sexual Dysfunction among Expectant Mothers: Case Study of Jos South LGA, Plateau State Nigeria

The researchers conclude that the role of alcohol on female sexual dysfunction is unclear, however, pregnancy seems to be an indicator of sexual dysfunction irrespective of the alcohol status of the expectant mother.



Prevalence of sexual dysfunction in male subjects with alcohol dependence

Clinicians need to routinely assess sexual functioning in alcoholic patients so that other factors contributing to sexual dysfunction can be ruled out and heavy drinking proportionately increases the risk.

Sexual dysfunction in male alcohol addicts: Prevalence and treatment

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Findings suggest psychological causes for the sexual problems and a need for therapeutic intervention in male alcohol addicts and a group of addicts with sexual dysfunction who were treated by a behavioral treatment format.

Sexual function and dysfunction in younger married alcoholics. A comparative study.

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Present knowledge of relevant etiological factors in sexual function and dysfunction in alcoholics - implicating a multifacetted therapeutic approach is discussed.

Alcohol and sex.

Of the 97 patients, 69 (71 percent) suffered from sexual dysfunction for a period more than 12 months prior to admission to hospital, and a high proportion of the alcoholics showed signs of sexual deviation.

Chronic alcoholism and male sexual function.

These findings suggest that prolonged and severe alcohol abuse in men is compatible with normal sexual function during sobriety in the absence of substantial hepatic or gonadal failure.

Male sexual dysfunction as related to alcohol consumption: a pilot study.

Personal interviews were conducted with 44 male volunteers consecutively admitted to outpatient treatment in a county alcoholism program. Fifty-three per cent of the subjects were still drinking

The human sexual response and alcohol and drugs.

Epidemiology/risk factors of sexual dysfunction.

There is a need for more epidemiologic research in male and female sexual dysfunction and recommendations concerning state-of-the-art knowledge for the epidemiology/risk factors of sexual dysfunctions in men and women are provided.

India: alcohol and public health.

The prevalence of current use of alcohol ranged from a low of 7% in the western state of Gujarat (officially under Prohibition) to 75% inThe North-eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh, where there is also an extreme gender difference.