Prevalence of rotavirus antibodies in a non-human primate colony.

  title={Prevalence of rotavirus antibodies in a non-human primate colony.},
  author={Gerald K Chege and David R. Snodgrass and Iris Campbell and Carl Hart and Eric Omollo and Jason M. Mwenda},
  journal={African journal of health sciences},
  volume={2 2},
A total of 51 monkeys maintained in a colony at the Institute of Primate Research (Kenya) and housed in doors with natural lighting in a group cage were used in this study. Monkeys belonging to 3 species were selected at random and blood samples collected. The serum samples were screened for presence of neutralizing antibodies (VTN) to rhesus rotavirus (RRV) by virus neutralization assay. Virus neutralization was determined by 60% reduction in fluorescent focus units (ffu). 96% of the animals… CONTINUE READING