Prevalence of psoriasis in China: a population-based study in six cities.

  title={Prevalence of psoriasis in China: a population-based study in six cities.},
  author={Xiaolan Ding and Tinglin Wang and Yiwei Shen and Xiaoyan Wang and Cheng Zhou and Shan Yue Tian and Ying Liu and Guanghui Peng and June Zhou and Shuqi Xue and Renli Wang and Ying Tang and Xuemei Meng and Guangde Pei and Yunhua Bai and Qing Liu and Hang Li and Jianzhong Zhang},
  journal={European journal of dermatology : EJD},
  volume={22 5},
BACKGROUND Although psoriasis occurs worldwide, the prevalence varies considerably between different peoples and regions. In China, a questionnaire-based study was carried out in 1987 and the prevalence of psoriasis was found to be 0.12%. Since then, no large-scale, population-based study has been reported. OBJECTIVES To obtain the accurate figures for the prevalence of psoriasis in China. METHODS A population-based survey was conducted in 6 cities. The cluster sampling method was used to… CONTINUE READING

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