Prevalence of protein supplement use at gyms.


At the present time, the abuse of all class of sport nutritional supplements (NS) has extended the people who go regularly to gymnasiums. Between these substances there are the Protein Powder Supplements (PPS). The purpose of this study is to examine the consumption of PPS in 415 individuals from Seville fitness centers. All individuals were evaluated with anthropometric measurements and completed a questionnaire previously reviewed, evaluating the validity of the content, application, structure and presentation. 28% of the individuals were using or used PPS. Of the total, 42.7% of male individuals compared to 3.2% of the females. The use of PPS was higher than what has been reported in previous studies about supplement use in fitness center, 28% vs 10-14% aprox. The SPP use is associated with sex, age, and time of sport practiced. More than a 25% of the total individuals that attend a gym use PPS. The total individuals that attend a gym and use PPS far exceed the RDA of protein for general population and/or athletes, being able to cause problems of health.

DOI: 10.1590/S0212-16112011000500037

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