Prevalence of overweight and obesity in British children: cohort study.

  title={Prevalence of overweight and obesity in British children: cohort study.},
  author={John J. Reilly and Ahmad Reza Dorosty and Pauline M Emmett},
  volume={319 7216},
Subjects consisted of a birth cohort randomly selected from a larger geographically defined total population cohort born in the Bristol-Avon area in 1991-2. The cohort has been described elsewhere and is broadly representative of children in the United Kingdom. Height (to 0.1 cm, measured with a Leicester height meter) and weight in underwear (to 0.1 kg, measured with Seca scales) were measured in children at 24, 49, and 61 months of age. There is a consensus that childhood obesity should be… CONTINUE READING

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