Prevalence of osteoporosis in prostate cancer survivors: a meta-analysis.


Androgen deprivation therapy (ADT), which is used in the treatment of prostate cancer (PCa), is associated with increased morbidity. Severe bone loss is a major consequence of androgen ablation and with an increasing number of patients undergoing this treatment, the incidence of osteoporosis and fractures can be expected to increase with a significant impact on healthcare. To evaluate the prevalence of osteoporosis, we conducted a review of the literature on bone health in men with PCa undergoing ADT. A meta-analysis was conducted using the quality effects model, and sources of heterogeneity were further explored by consideration of discordant effect sizes of included studies in the meta-analysis and examining reasons thereof. Our analyses indicate that the prevalence of osteoporosis varies between 9 and 53 % with this variation partially explained by treatment duration, disease stage, ethnicity and site of osteoporosis measurement. While it is well known that a rapid decline in bone health amongst men with PCa on ADT occurs, this meta-analysis documents the high prevalence of osteoporosis in this population and reinforces the need of preventative approaches as part of usual care of PCa patients.

DOI: 10.1007/s12020-013-0083-z

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