Prevalence of markers of hepatitis B in the adult German population.

  title={Prevalence of markers of hepatitis B in the adult German population.},
  author={Wolfgang Jilg and Barbara Hottentraeger and Klaus Weinberger and Klaus Schlottmann and Edmund Frick and Axel Holstege and Juergen Schoelmerich and K D Palitzsch},
  journal={Journal of medical virology},
  volume={63 2},
The prevalence of hepatitis B virus markers was investigated in 5305 individuals considered to be representative for the adult German population. After adjustment of the data according to the age and sex distribution in the whole German population an anti-HBc prevalence of 8.71% (95% confidence interval, 7.94-9.48%) and an HBsAg carrier rate of 0.62% (95% confidence interval, 0.40-0.84%) were calculated. Anti-HBc prevalence increased with age from 4.12% in the youngest group to 15.66% in the 61… CONTINUE READING

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