Prevalence of maedi-visna infection in culled ewes in Alberta.

  title={Prevalence of maedi-visna infection in culled ewes in Alberta.},
  author={Dominique Fournier and John R. Campbell and Dorothy M Middleton},
  journal={The Canadian veterinary journal = La revue veterinaire canadienne},
  volume={47 5},
Maedi-visna (MV) is a relatively common chronic infection of sheep in North America resulting in economic loss to the sheep industry. The objectives of this study were to: 1) measure the prevalence of MV infection in culled ewes in Alberta, by histologic examination (lungs and udder) and serologic testing using an agar gel immunodiffusion (AGID) test, 2) examine any geographic differences in its prevalence in the province, 3) evaluate the level of agreement between histopathologic examination… CONTINUE READING