Prevalence of macular anatomic abnormalities in high myopia.

  title={Prevalence of macular anatomic abnormalities in high myopia.},
  author={Andr{\'e}e Henaine-Berra and Igal M Zand-Hadas and Jans Fromow-Guerra and gerardo garcia-Aguirre},
  journal={Ophthalmic surgery, lasers & imaging retina},
  volume={44 2},
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Macular anatomic abnormalities in high myopia are more frequent in the presence of posterior staphyloma. The objective was to determine the prevalence of foveoschisis, foveal detachment, vascular traction, epiretinal membrane (ERM), and macular hole (MH) in eyes with high myopia by spectral-domain optical coherence tomography. PATIENTS AND METHODS Prospective, observational study. Eyes with myopia greater than 8 diopters (D) were included. Results were analyzed using… CONTINUE READING


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