Prevalence of gastric ulcers in endurance horses--a preliminary report.

  title={Prevalence of gastric ulcers in endurance horses--a preliminary report.},
  author={Jorge E Nieto and James R. Snyder and Pablo M Beldomenico and Monica R Aleman and J. Kerr and Sharon J. Spier},
  journal={Veterinary journal},
  volume={167 1},
Gastric endoscopy was performed at the end of a 50 or 80 km endurance ride. Gastric ulceration was evident in 67% of the horses with ulcers on the squamous region of the stomach found in 57% of the horses and active bleeding of the glandular mucosa in 27%. Three horses (10%) had lesions only on the glandular mucosa. Values of albumin, creatinine and glucose were higher in horses without gastric lesions. We conclude that horses from endurance competitions have a high prevalence of gastric… CONTINUE READING

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