Prevalence of exercise-associated arrhythmias in normal performing dressage horses.

  title={Prevalence of exercise-associated arrhythmias in normal performing dressage horses.},
  author={L Barbesgaard and Rikke Buhl and Camilla Wium Meldgaard},
  journal={Equine veterinary journal. Supplement},
REASONS FOR PERFORMING STUDY Exercise-associated arrhythmias are important differentials when evaluating poor performance sport horses. However, most studies of arrhythmias have been conducted in racehorses and therefore there is a paucity of knowledge concerning the prevalence and significance of exercise-associated arrhythmias in riding horses. OBJECTIVES The objective of this study was to examine the prevalence of arrhythmias, particularly supraventricular premature complex (SVPCs) and… CONTINUE READING

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