Prevalence of epilepsy in Rwanda: a national cross-sectional survey.

  title={Prevalence of epilepsy in Rwanda: a national cross-sectional survey.},
  author={Victoria Simms and Oluwarantimi Atijosan and Hannah Kuper and Assuman Nuhu and Dorothea Rischewski and Christopher B. D. Lavy},
  journal={Tropical medicine & international health : TM & IH},
  volume={13 8},
OBJECTIVE To estimate the prevalence of epilepsy in Rwanda, as part of a survey of musculoskeletal impairment (MSI). METHODS Cross-sectional nationally representative survey. Clusters of 105 people were selected with probability proportional to size, using the 2002 national census as the sampling frame. Within each cluster, 80 people were selected through compact segment sampling. Physiotherapists examined all participants using a standard questionnaire to assess the presence of seizures… CONTINUE READING

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