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Prevalence of emotional, physical and sexual abuse of women in three South African provinces.

  title={Prevalence of emotional, physical and sexual abuse of women in three South African provinces.},
  author={Rachel Jewkes and Loveday Penn-Kekana and Jonathan Levin and M. M. Ratsaka and Michael D. Schrieber},
  journal={South African medical journal = Suid-Afrikaanse tydskrif vir geneeskunde},
  volume={91 5},
INTRODUCTION There is growing recognition in the ranks of the South African government that violence against women is a serious problem facing us all. Until now data on the epidemiology of violence against women in South Africa have been scanty. This report presents the findings of the first major community-based prevalence study. OBJECTIVES To describe the prevalence of physical, sexual, financial, and emotional abuse of women. METHODS A cross-sectional study conducted in the Eastern Cape… 

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Adverse Mental Health Outcomes Associated With Emotional Abuse in Young Rural South African Women

It was shown that emotionally abused young women had a greater risk of suicidality than those experiencing no abuse and that the combined experience of emotional with physical and/or sexual abuse was strongly associated with poor mental health outcomes.

[Prevalence of violence against women users of health services].

The prevalence of violence among women attending a health center is high and consistent with the results of other investigations, and it suggests that most of the violence is invisible to the health center.

Domestic violence against women in Eastern Sudan

Domestic violence was found to be highly prevalent in eastern Sudan and strongly associated with the educational status, polygamous marriage and husband’s alcohol consumption.

Prevalence of violence against women users of health care services

OBJECTIVE: Intimate partner abuse is a complex phenomenon and a public health problem and health care services are one of the places sought by women in this situation. The objective of this study was

Prevalence of Violence against Women: Distress, Coping and Psychological Well-Being. Surviving the Fire?

The aims of this study were to establish the prevalence of violence in a sample of women in the North West Province of South Africa, and to determine whether a higher frequency of experiences of

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Background: Domestic violence against women is the most pervasive yet underestimated social and health problem that occur in pandemic proportions. Globally, six out of ten women experience domestic

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Background : Worldwide, violence against women is becoming an  increasingly recognized pandemic issue necessitating eradication and elimination. It occurs in various forms with resultant physical,

Sexual Assault and Other Types of Intimate Partner Violence in Women With Protection Orders in Vhembe District, South Africa

In multivariate regression psychological abuse, physical violence and stalking were found to be associated with sexual assault in a sample of women receiving a protection order in South Africa.

Domestic violence in rural Uganda: evidence from a community-based study.

Analysis of risk factors highlights the pivotal roles of the male partner's alcohol consumption and his perceived human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) risk in increasing the risk of male against female domestic violence.



He must give me money he mustnt beat me: violence against women in three South African provinces.

The study underscores the need to develop services to help women to develop capacity within existing services and to promote a change in societal attitudes about the status of women and gender violence.

Prevalence of domestic violence in the United States.

  • S. WiltS. Olson
  • Psychology
    Journal of the American Medical Women's Association
  • 1996
Data on population-based samples, pregnant women, and women treated in emergency rooms are each presented separately, as are the effects of age, marital status, socioeconomic status, race and ethnicity, and alcohol and drug use.

Sexual behaviour, contraceptive practice and reproductive health among school adolescents in rural Transkei.

Sexual maturation occurs at an earlier age than previously among rural Transkeian adolescents, associated with early initiation and a high level of sexual activity, low contraceptive usage, and ahigh rate of adolescent pregnancy and STDs, which therefore expose adolescents to a high risk of HIV infection.

Overcoming Endemic Violence against Women in South Africa

there is now, more than ever, a need to develop comprehensive and constructive dialogue around transformation of the present social conditions. It has often been the case that issues concerning

Delay in prenatal care as a result of battering in pregnancy: cross-cultural implications.

Although the incidence of abuse was not significantly different among the ethnic groups, battered women sought prenatal care 6.5 weeks later than the nonabused sample, with a similar delay in each ethnic group.

Violence against Women in South Africa: State Response to Domestic Violence and Rape

According to the first chapter of this monograph South Africas government is committed to eliminating violence against women but it will require legal reform police and prosecutors training enhanced

Violence in the Family

One of the more interesting surveys that I have seen took place in 1992 at Ridgecrest and Gloreita where about 5000 teenagers were surveyed and they revealed just how much violence is a part of their world.

Sanctions and Sanctuary

Bringing together evidence from 15 Western and non-Western societies - ranging from hunter-gatherers to urban Americans - this book examines wife-beating from a worldwide perspective. Cross-cultural