Prevalence of dissociative disorders in psychiatric outpatients.

  title={Prevalence of dissociative disorders in psychiatric outpatients.},
  author={Brad Foote and Yvette Smolin and Margaret L Kaplan and Michael E Legatt and Deborah S Lipschitz},
  journal={The American journal of psychiatry},
  volume={163 4},
OBJECTIVE The purpose of the study was to assess the prevalence of DSM-IV dissociative disorders in an inner-city outpatient psychiatric population. METHOD Subjects were 231 consecutive admissions (84 men and 147 women, mean age=37 years) to an inner-city, hospital-based outpatient psychiatric clinic. The subjects completed self-report measures of dissociation (Dissociative Experiences Scale) and trauma history (Traumatic Experiences Questionnaire). Eighty-two patients (35%) completed a… CONTINUE READING


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