Prevalence of chronic respiratory disease. Asbestosis in ship repair workers.

  title={Prevalence of chronic respiratory disease. Asbestosis in ship repair workers.},
  author={B. Ferris and M. V. Panadive and J. Peters and R. Murphy and W. Burgess and H. P. Bendergrass},
  journal={Archives of environmental health},
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Study of pipe coverers, pipe fitters, and welders at a ship repair yard indicated that pipe coverers had more changes in their lungs, as evidenced by examination of x-ray films, and slightly lower pulmonary function than the other two groups. All groups showed slightly lowered pulmonary function as compared with workers who did new-ship construction and were not exposed to asbestos. Aerometric measurement showed levels of asbestos that were, in general, lower than current threshold limit values… Expand
Pulmonary Function in Shipyard Welders
By comparing welders to a third group (pipecoverers exposed to asbestos), evidence for the development of obstructive lung disease in welders and restrictive lung diseaseIn pipec Coverers arose, although nonsmoking welders appeared to have normal pulmonary function. Expand
An Epidemiologic Study of Asbestos-Related Chest X-ray Changes to Identify Work Areas of High Risk in a Shipyard Population
A method utilizing chest X-ray findings, smoking history, and job history is presented for the identification of high asbestos risk work areas (shops) and workers in high exposure shops who smoked were found to have asbestos exposure problems. Expand
Asbestos-Related Disease in Banlgadeshi Ship Breakers: A Pilot Study
The prevalence of asbestos-related diseases is low compared to studies in shipbuilders and repairers, but a risk underestimate could have resulted from challenges identified during study design and implementation including industry noncooperation and a culture of corruption. Expand
A respiratory epidemiological study of stevedores intermittently exposed to asbestos in a South African port.
Diagnostic criteria are discussed in terms of the low index of suspicion for industrial diseases, the high probability of missing slight radiological changes, and the attribution of radiological lesions to other diseases, particularly tuberculosis, in a high prevalence area. Expand
Radiographic changes in chrysotile mine and mill ex-workers in Corsica
A dust-weighted time exposure is designed which is significantly higher in miners with severe fibrosis or with bilateral pleural changes than in workers with normal x-rays, and disclosed the importance of intensity of dust exposure and, to a less extent, tobacco consumption and age in the genesis of asbestos related disorders. Expand
Asbestos exposure and related neoplasia. The 28 year experience of a major urban hospital.
A steady increase in the frequency of diagnosis of asbestosis and asbestos-related neoplasia is documented from a major urban hospital since 1960, and among cell types of lung cancer, adenocarcinoma was notably frequent. Expand
Shipyard health problems.
  • B. Ferris
  • Business, Medicine
  • Environmental research
  • 1976
Abstract Shipyard health problems are similar to those of construction generally with the modification created by the inherent need to work in confined spaces. It is the latter fact that createsExpand
Historical state of knowledge of the health risks of asbestos posed to seamen on merchant ships
It is found that attention to the potential health risks of asbestos to merchant seamen began in the mid- to late 1970s and early 1980s, and findings of modest increases in lung cancer and/or mesothelioma in some epidemiology studies of seamen led some authors to propose that a causal link between shipboard exposures and asbestos-related diseases existed. Expand
Chronic nonspecific respiratory disease in Berlin, New Hampshire, 1961 to 1967. A follow-up study.
Prevalence of chronic nonspecific respiratory disease was less in 1967 after the effects of aging and changes in cigarette smoking habits were taken into account and the results of tests of pulmonary function were slightly better than predicted. Expand
Airborne concentrations of asbestos onboard maritime shipping vessels (1978-1992).
Airborne asbestos concentrations on these maritime shipping vessels, when insulation-handling activities were not actively being performed, were consistently below contemporaneous US occupational standards from 1978 until 1992, and nearly always below the current permissible exposure limit of 0.1 f cc(-1). Expand


Pulmonary function tests in asbestos workers.
  • G. L. Leathart
  • Medicine
  • The Transactions of the Society of Occupational Medicine
  • 1968