Prevalence of camel brucellosis in Libya

  title={Prevalence of camel brucellosis in Libya},
  author={S. E. A. M. Gameel and Suhaila Mohamed and A. A. Mustafa and S. M. Azwai},
  journal={Tropical Animal Health and Production},
Sera of 967 camels of both sexes were tested for antibodies toBrucella using the Rose Bengal plate test, serum agglutination test and the complement fixation test. The prevalence of positive sera was 4.1 per cent. Samples collected for cultural examination revealed 9 isolates. Five isolates were from milk samples, 3 from aborted foetuses and one from a vaginal swab. All isolates were identified and biotyped asBrucella melitensis biovar 1. Des anticorps anti-Brucella ont été recherchés dans les… CONTINUE READING