Prevalence of antibody toRochalimaea henselae among Austrian cats

  title={Prevalence of antibody toRochalimaea henselae among Austrian cats},
  author={Franz Allerberger and Michael Schoenbauer and Robert Zangerle and Manfred Paul Dierich},
  journal={European Journal of Pediatrics},
pressure from which the level of mean airway pressure can be assessed [4]. We are pleased to inform Dr. Gupta that birth asphyxia is uncommon in our population. Sadly, we are unable to perform daily echocardiographs on all of our infants, nor do we routinely have central venous pressure monitoring of our entire population, particularly as this includes 23-week gestation infants. Although the type of colloid given does affect the blood pressure response [3], colloid and inotropes were not… CONTINUE READING

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