Prevalence of Intestinal Parasites among School Children in Moyo District, Uganda

  • B . and Kisakye
  • Published 2005


Parasitic infestations constitute one of the commonest problems in the Ugandan population. They greatly affect the health and socio-economic status of individuals and communities. Through anaemia, they weaken the individuals and render them unable to do gainful activities. Anaemic individuals also succumb easily to other infections and infestations. In addition, anaemic individuals are more likely to respond slowly to treatment, to develop complications of disease and eventually to be poor. The parasites contribute to anaemia in pregnancy and lead to poor pregnancy outcomes for both mothers and child. For school children, anaemia reduces their cognitive ability and hence affects their academic performance (Okpala, 1956; Gbakima et al.; 1994). This study was done as an exploratory step, a rapid assessment of the prevalence of intestinal parasites in schoolchildren of Moyo District, with a view to plan for an intervention that could contribute to improving the health status of schoolchildren.

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