Prevalence of IgG diphtheria antitoxin in blood donors in Rio de Janeiro.

  title={Prevalence of IgG diphtheria antitoxin in blood donors in Rio de Janeiro.},
  author={Paulo Vieira Damasco and Fabr{\'i}cia Pires Pimenta and Alessandra Almeida Filardy and Sheila M Brito and Ana F. B. de Andrade and Guilherme Santoro Lopes and Raphael J{\'u}nior Hirata and Ana Lu{\'i}za de Mattos-Guaraldi},
  journal={Epidemiology and infection},
  volume={133 5},
The lack of information on the immunity of adults in Brazil against diphtheria prompted us to analyse sera from 234 blood donors aged 18-61 years (30.3% females and 69.7% males). IgG diphtheria antitoxin levels determined by means of an ELISA, validated by toxin neutralization test in Vero cells, showed that 30.7% (95% CI 25.0-37.1) of the population was fully protected (>or=1 IU/ml). The highest percentage of subjects fully protected was in the 31-40 years age group. Most of the subjects with… CONTINUE READING

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