Prevalence of Eimeria species in cattle in Kenya.

  title={Prevalence of Eimeria species in cattle in Kenya.},
  author={William K. Munyua and J. W. Ngotho},
  journal={Veterinary parasitology},
  volume={35 1-2},
A total of 620 bovine faecal samples collected from unselected animals brought for post-mortem to the Department of Veterinary Pathology and Microbiology or from animals in the Kabete (Kenya) practice area of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine were examined to determine the types and prevalence of Eimeria spp. present. Coccidian oocytes were detected in 67.4% of the samples and eight different species of Eimeria were recognized. The species detected (and their prevalence) were E. bovis (79.0… CONTINUE READING
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