Prevalence of Disseminated Sclerosis

  title={Prevalence of Disseminated Sclerosis},
  author={Robert S Allison and J. Donald Millar},
  journal={The Ulster Medical Journal},
  pages={5 - 27}
CHARCOT remarked in 1868: "Even today I do not believe that disseminated sclerosis is known in England," and this may have been true, although Moxon described a case in 1873 and others some years later. Williamson (1903) reported a proportion of patients with disseminated sclerosis equivalent to 27 cases for every 1,000 nervous diseases seen at the Manchester Royal Infirmary over a period of 10 years, and from Edinburgh, about the same time, Bramwell (1903) published very similar figures. In… CONTINUE READING