Prevalence of Back Pain in Pregnancy

  title={Prevalence of Back Pain in Pregnancy},
  author={Hans Christian Ostgaard and Gunnar B. J. Andersson and K Karlsson},
The prevalence of back pain was studied in 855 pregnant women who were followed from the 12th week of pregnancy, every 2nd week, until childbirth. The 9-month period prevalence was 49%, with a point prevalence of 22-28% from the 12th week until delivery. Because 22% of the women had back pain at the 12th week of the pregnancy, the 6-month incidence was 27%. Based on pain drawings, back pain was classified into three groups: In one group, pain was localized to the sacroiliac areas and increased… Expand
Prevalence of low back and pelvic pain during pregnancy in a Norwegian population.
The observed associations between possible causative factors and moderate and severe LBP and PP in this study may bring some valuable insights into their multifactorial influences and provide background information for future studies. Expand
A prospective study of persistent back pain after pregnancy 1 This study was presented in part at th
It is indicated that pregnant women with a previous history of back pain had a higher prevalence ofBack pain, especially in young multigravid patients. Expand
Prevalence of Low Back Pain, Pelvic Girdle Pain, and Combination Pain in a Pregnant Ontario Population.
  • C. A. Weis, Jon Barrett, +5 authors V. Landsman
  • Medicine
  • Journal of obstetrics and gynaecology Canada : JOGC = Journal d'obstetrique et gynecologie du Canada : JOGC
  • 2018
It is demonstrated that 76% of sampled women experienced pregnancy-related back pain and the prevalence of site-specific pain (LBP, PGP, and Combo Pain) increases with increased gestation and a standard definition of pain by location should be developed and employed so that future studies can elucidate appropriate prevention strategies and treatment options for each. Expand
Low Back Pain During Pregnancy: Prevalence, Risk Factors, and Outcomes
Low back pain during pregnancy is a common problem that causes hardship in this population of pregnant women and further studies are indicated in the areas of prevention and treatment. Expand
Back pain, pregnancy, and childbirth
Backache in pregnancy is a substantial problem and about 10% of women may be prevented by it from working and over a third report that it interferes with daily life. Expand
Patient-oriented assessment of back pain in pregnancy
Results showed that male sex of the fetus seems to be related to occurrence of back pain symptoms during pregnancy, but back pain was not associated with having gone through previous pregnancies, nor was the Roland score related to the weight before pregnancy or to increment of weight during pregnancy. Expand
Pregnancy-related low back pain in women in Turkey: Prevalence and risk factors.
This cross-sectional study showed that about 1 in 2 women have PRLBP in any stage of pregnancy and history of LBP related and unrelated to previous pregnancy and menstruation are strong risk factors forPRLBP. Expand
Pain Pattern in Pregnancy and "Catching" of the Leg in Pregnant Women With Posterior Pelvic Pain
The clinical appearance of back pain in pregnancy and the relation between pain distribution and symptoms in women with posterior pelvic pain are described in order to shed light on etiologic factors. Expand
Low Back Pain and Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy: Prevalence and Risk Factors
Parity, LBPP during a previous pregnancy, body mass index, a history of hypermobility, and amenorrhea are factors influencing the risk of developing low back pain and pelvic pain during pregnancy. Expand