Prevalence and risk factors of varicose veins in an elderly population.

  title={Prevalence and risk factors of varicose veins in an elderly population.},
  author={Baki Komsuoğlu and Ozhan G{\"o}ldeli and K Kulan and Berrin Çetinarslan and Sezer Sener Komşuoğlu},
  volume={40 1},
The prevalence of and risk factors for varicose veins (VV) were studied in elderly persons over 60 years of age who had visited the Tonya and Farabi Hospitals in Trabzon, a city in northeastern Turkey. VV were defined as dilated, tortuous and elongated veins of the lower extremities and were classified into four types. The total prevalence of VV was 36.7% (14.6% in males and 22.1% in females). Segment type varices were observed in 16.5%, saphenous type in 5.6%, reticular type in 4.7%, web type… CONTINUE READING
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