Prevalence and risk factors for obesity in Balearic Islands adolescents.

  title={Prevalence and risk factors for obesity in Balearic Islands adolescents.},
  author={Mar{\'i}a del Mar Bibiloni and Elisa Mart{\'i}nez and Rosa Maria Llull and Maria Daniela Juarez and Antoni Pons and Josep A Tur},
  journal={The British journal of nutrition},
  volume={103 1},
The aim of this work was to assess the prevalence and risk factors of obesity in the Balearic Islands' adolescents. A cross-sectional nutritional survey was carried out in the Balearic Islands (2007-2008). A random sample (n 1231) of the adolescent population (12-17 year old) was interviewed. Anthropometric measurements, two non-consecutive 24 h recalls and a general questionnaire incorporating questions related to sociodemographic and lifestyle variables including the physical activity… CONTINUE READING