Prevalence and incidence of NIDDM in Daqing City.

  title={Prevalence and incidence of NIDDM in Daqing City.},
  author={Guang-wei Li and Ying-ying Hu and Xiaoren Pan},
  journal={Chinese medical journal},
  volume={109 8},
OBJECTIVE To investigate the prevalence and incidence of non-insulin dependent diabetes (NIDDM) in China by WHO criteria. METHODS In the prevalence survey of NIDDM all 110660 participants (55391 men, 53269 women) were inhabitants of Daqing City, the largest oil center in northeast China, accounting for 87.3% of the 25 to 74 aged population in this city. They were screened by measuring two-hour plasma glucose concentrations (PG2 h) after a breakfast containing at least 80 g of carbohydrate… CONTINUE READING
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