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Prevalence and Pattern of Sports Injuries among the University Students of Physical Education, Southern India

  title={Prevalence and Pattern of Sports Injuries among the University Students of Physical Education, Southern India},
  author={A. John William Felix},
Department of Community Medicine, Rajah Muthaiah Medical College, Annamalai University, Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu, India Corresponding Author N.C.Indira Email: nc.indira.raghavan@gmail.com ABSTRACT Background: Sports is a common recreational activity. Besides keeping the physical and mental well being, participation in sports has many advantages like decreasing obesity, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes mellitus. However, injury risk is considered as an adverse outcome… 

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Investigation of the occurrence of musculoskeletal pain and sport injuries among students of physical education of the University of Szczecin found participation in certain sports was the main risk factor for injuries in students.

A prospective study of injury incidence among North Carolina high school athletes.

The influence of prior injury suggests that proper rehabilitation and primary prevention of the initial injury are important strategies for injury control in high school sports athletes.

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It was found that 35% of injuries were sustained during training sessions, and the ankle was the most commonly injured anatomic site, and most injuries were soft tissue in nature.

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It is important that the practitioner dealing with young athletes be aware of the unique features of children's sports injuries so that proper treatment may be initiated and prognosis and expected outcome may be intelligently discussed with the patient and parents.

Incidence and determinants of lower extremity running injuries in long distance runners: a systematic review

There was strong evidence that a long training distance per week in male runners and a history of previous injuries were risk factors for injuries, and that an increase in trainingdistance per week was a protective factor for knee injuries.

Sport, age, and sex specific incidence of sports injuries in Western Australia

This is one of the first studies to show that recreational sports are safe, and the likelihood of injury was greatest in the first month of the season, few injuries required admission to hospital or emergency department treatment.

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Knee injury rates and patterns varied by sport, gender, and type of exposure, and identified gender differences included differences in injury rates, injury severity, and basic injury mechanism.

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