Prevalence and Forms of Workplace Bullying Among University Employees

  title={Prevalence and Forms of Workplace Bullying Among University Employees},
  author={Katerina Zabrodska and Petr Květon},
  journal={Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal},
Over the past decade, a growing number of Anglo-American and Scandinavian researchers have documented the extent to which the university environment provides opportunities for workplace bullying. By contrast, there has been a visible lack of similar studies in non-Western national contexts, such as the Czech Republic and other Central Eastern European (CEE) countries. The present article addresses this gap by reporting the findings of the first large-scale study into workplace bullying among… 

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The aim of the present study was to explore bullying and its effects among university employees (n = 211). It was hypothesized that bullying would have negative correlations with social support and


Workplace bullying is an amalgamation of negative behaviors of varying intensity that can severely damage one‟s ability to work effectively or efficiently. The study aims to examine the prevalence,

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The Cost of Workplace Bullying in Irish Universities by Patrick Rockett MBS, University of Limerick, 2008 BS, Human Resource Management, University of Limerick, 1988 Doctoral Study Submitted in

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An operative measure of workplace bullying: the negative acts questionnaire across Italian companies.

Results from 3,112 employees nested within 25 Italian organizations revealed that a reduced version of 17 items with a two-factor structure provided the best fit and the prevalence of bullying was 15.2 per cent according to the criteria proposed by Mikkelsen and Einarsen (2001).


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There were no significant differences in the bullying experience between men and women in the parameters examined in this paper, despite many people reported being bullied in groups, contrary to the current anecdotal evidence.

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