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Prevalence and Factors Associated with Primary Dysmenorrhea among Indian Adolescent Girls-An Observational Study

  title={Prevalence and Factors Associated with Primary Dysmenorrhea among Indian Adolescent Girls-An Observational Study},
  author={P. Khosla and Dr. Suvarna Ganvir},
Dysmenorrhea is a term used to describe pain associated with menstruation. In primary dysmenorrhea the pain is felt in the lower abdomen and the sacral region in the first hours of menstruation. There exists no structural abnormality or pathology. Pain decreases with increase in blood loss Objectives: To establish the prevalence and explore the factors associated with primary dysmenorrhea in the adolescent age group (13-19years). Secondary Objectives: 1) To establish a relationship between the… 


Primary Dysmenorrhea and Menstrual Symptoms in Indian Female Students: Prevalence, Impact and Management
Sub optimal use of the medical advice and the barriers to seek medical attention by dysmenorrheic females need exploration, and it is important that health education on puberty and menstruation is regarded as inadequate for many girls in India.
Menstrual characteristics and prevalence of dysmenorrhea in college going girls
Dysmenorrhea is found to be highly prevalent among college going girls and family history, bleeding duration and presence of clots were significant risk factors for dysmenorhea.
Prevalence and severity of dysmenorrhea: a problem related to menstruation, among first and second year female medical students.
Dysmenorrhea and PMS is highly prevalent among female medical students, it is related to college/class absenteeism, limitations on social, academic, sports and daily activities, and maximum participants do not seek medical advice and self treat themselves with prostaglandin inhibitors.
A Study of Dysmenorrhea During Menstruation in Adolescent Girls
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The three most common symptoms present on both days, that is, day before and first day of menstruation were lethargy and tiredness, depression and inability to concentrate in work, whereas the ranking of these symptoms on the day after the stoppage of menstruations showed depression as the first common symptoms.
Prevalence of Dysmenorrhea among Adolescent Girls in North Gujarat: A Cross Sectional Study
Dysmenorrhea is to be highly prevalent among adolescent girls in North Gujarat and it is necessary to clarity these factors to improve their quality of life.
Prevalence of dysmenorrhea and predictors of its pain intensity among Palestinian female university students
There is a high proportion of dysmenorrhea among Palestinian female university students, and skipping breakfast was the strongest predictor for moderate/severe dysmenorrhic pain.
Primary dysmenorrhea magnitude, associated risk factors, and its effect on academic performance: evidence from female university students in Ethiopia
PD is more prevalent among female students attending university and has a significant negative impact on students’ academic performance, and it needs medical attention.
Prevalence of dysmenorrhea among University students in Northern Ghana; its impact and management strategies
There is high prevalence of dysmenorrhea among the female students of the Tamale campus of the University for Development studies which negatively affects the daily activity of majority of them.
Prevalence and impact of dysmenorrhea on Hispanic female adolescents.
Dysmenorrhea is highly prevalent among Hispanic adolescents and is related to school absenteeism and limitations on social, academic, and sports activities.
Dysmenorrhea in adolescents and young adults: etiology and management.
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