Pretreatment of rice straw by hot-compressed water for enzymatic saccharification

  title={Pretreatment of rice straw by hot-compressed water for enzymatic saccharification},
  author={Somkiat Ngamprasertsith and Sasithorn Sunphorka and Prapan Kuchonthara and Prasert Reubroycharoen and Ruengwit Sawangkeaw},
  journal={Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering},
The primary objective of this work was to measure the maximum amount of glucose that can be produced from Thai rice straw using hot-compressed water (HCW)-pretreatment before enzymatic saccharification. The optimal HCW-pretreatment temperature and time were found to be 180 °C/2MPa for 20–30 min. However, the concentrations of the yeast inhibitors were strongly dependent on the HCW-pretreatment temperature and time. At temperatures over 180 °C/2MPa or for more than 30 min at 180 °C/2MPa in the… CONTINUE READING

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