Pretreatment of gastroschisis with transabdominal amniotic fluid exchange.


BACKGROUND Intestinal thickening in gastroschisis results from prolonged exposure to amniotic fluid (AF). Experimental AF exchange has been shown to prevent intestinal thickening in gastroschisis. CASE A 25-year-old primigravida was referred at 24 weeks' gestation with a prenatal diagnosis of gastroschisis. Transabdominal AF exchange was performed at 29 weeks. This pretreatment did not cause any complications and prevented intestinal thickening in our patient. Thus, we were able to perform primary fascial closure with an intra-abdominal pressure less than 5 mmHg. We began feeding the infant on the 5th day and discharged her on the 8th day. CONCLUSION Evidence obtained from this initial case seems promising for the further application of the AF exchange for prevention of intestinal thickening in gastroschisis.


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